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    The world isn't flat.
    So why are your maps?

    Take GIS data into the field, in Augmented Reality


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Save Time Save Money

Deep AR is a mobile app that securely loads your 3D data and displays it in virtual and augmented reality. Take it offline and use it in the field to see your data in real space.

Forging ahead with new technology, we empower our users with a powerful interactive experience informed with relevant and accurate data, off-the-grid and in real-time, to creating successful innovation in the field.

DeepAR solves user problems

.... by enabling real-time innovation in the field
  • 3D maps are limited to desktop computers.
  • Equipment is bulky.
  • No easy way exists to view map data in real space.
  • Billions of dollars are wasted on mistakes and man-hours caused by existing solutions.

Our Solution

....by leveraging data formally limited to the office
  • 3D in the real world
  • Uses mobile phone or tablet devices
  • Easy to use interface
  • Save money & time with real-time innovation, offline, worldwide



Your World, Your Maps in AR

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