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    The world isn't flat.
    So why are your maps?
    View GIS data in the field
    on your phone.
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Get a new perspective
on your data.

Deep AR is the only app of its kind that allows you to upload subsurface data to your smartphone or tablet
and see it on site, where it was collected.

load your

View it in
the field


of Discovery

Save time. Save Money

Deep AR provides a convenient way for you and your team to view your mapping data through augmented reality (AR). See your subsurface data in the field, where it was collected and get information about terrain and geography in relation to your data. The result is a clearer picture of the world in which your data lives, allowing you to make more informed decisions.

DEEP AR SOLVES USER PROBLEMS by keeping you and your data in the field.

Other apps:
Use 3D maps that are limited to desktop computers
Rely on bulky equipment
Have no easy way to view map data in real space
Result in wasted money and man hours due to avoidable mistakes

OUR SOLUTION: leveraging data formerly limited to the offices

Deep AR:
3D in the real world Uses mobile phone or tablet devices
Easy-to-use interface
Saves money & time with real-time innovation, offline, worldwide

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You’re invited to try Deep AR for free. For being an early adopter, you get the ability to upload and view your data plus access to premium features.

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